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Early Years Foundation Stage

The period from birth to age five is described as the Foundation Stage. It is a distinct stage and important both in its own right and in preparing children for later schooling. The period the children are in the Nursery is referred to as Foundation Stage 1. Children in the Nursery attend for either a morning or an afternoon session of three hours. When children transfer to school into reception (in September the year they turn 5) this is referred to as Foundation Stage 2. After Foundation Stage 2 the children move into Key Stage 1 for Years 1 and 2.


In the Foundation Stage, we believe that play is vital for children. It's through play that children learn, grow and have fun. It helps children grow in confidence and prepares them for the challenges that life brings. At Pinewood, all children will be able to play and learn in a fun, stimulating environment with adults who understand and care about them. In our unit, each child will be learning through high quality, structured play that is tailored to their needs and interests. Teaching is highly individualised and children will receive an appropriate balance between their play and more formal learning.




Assessment in the Foundation Stage

Assessment of children is done sensitively and rigorously to make certain that children get off to a flying start in their and to ensure that they are set onto the path as a lifelong learner. We believe that every child matters and every moment counts. They will develop at their own pace, have fun, make friends and learn as they play, becoming confident, secure children.


Pupils are assessed regularly in order to plan a curriculum which meets the needs of all pupils and to track progress. Progress in the Foundation Stage is assessed using ‘best fit’ judgements against the Early Years Foundation Stage Ages and Stages document, which is an assessment tool used by both our Nursery (FS1), by other pre-school settings and by Reception (FS2) staff. This relates the performance of pupils to age-related expectations.


At the end of the Foundation stage, pupils are assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. This document describes the attainment of pupils in relation to Early Learning Goals for 17 different areas of learning. Pupils may be judged to be ‘emerging’ (i.e. still working towards the Early Learning Goal) ‘expected’ (i.e. having met the majority of the statements in the Early Learning Goal) or ‘exceeding’ (i.e. working at a level beyond the Early Learning Goal). This information is shared with parents at the end of their child’s reception year.